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August 1, 2012


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So it is now August which means July favourite features and absolutely nothing else...:)

Amazing Artistic Talent
Piper by tuolumnieCuddle Pile! by azuzephreRamona by Bryn-BarvonBrotherly Love by yuumeiDr Who Series 6 by louisesaunderspartners by len-yanTopher Brink - Fran Kranz (Dollhouse) by TheDoThatGirlNatural Beauty by rinnemarielleHybrid by NdzoodzooAvis by Neon-Tiger-7Dr Who Series 6 by louisesaundersTwenty-nine Years by artgyrlInara Serra (Morena Baccarin - Firefly) by TheDoThatGirlRamona Flowers by stokesbook:thumb262105323:Loki. The God of Mischief by Alice-Le-Chat-13I can cure them... by BuuyaEye by 22Zitty22Malcolm Reynolds by alexsantaloTouch.. by AlveblodIt's a B-Movie Show by ProfessorPemziniSandman vs. Pitch - Battle for the Dreamworld by ProfessorPemziniSweet Tooth by skottieyoungThe girl was all hands by CrystallizedTwilightRed by fresh4uCOSMONUT 2012 by GrisGrimly:thumb312588939:Normal New Neighbor by EmptyShadowFisheye Placebo: Solo for the Self by yuumeiLoki: Through the storm by johaniraeThe Trickster by Bluecrow10Kaylee - Jewel Staite,  Firefly by TheDoThatGirlDelicious. by queenstardustPoison Ivy by SpookyChanFisheye Placebo: Facescreen by yuumei:thumb316220968:Kyra and Samba by 22Zitty22glan by olcur:thumb312177119:THE AVENGERS- Iron Man vs. Loki Key Frame by andyparkartFight Club - Where Is My Mind by MencoLoki: not a prisoner by KibbitzerYou Done Good Beanpole... by ProfessorPemziniNecromancer by LiberLibelulaDollhouse Contest by aissatanFirst Flight by CreatureBoxHow Bad Can This Possibly Be? by ProfessorPemziniNny by SarahRuthlessLe Satyre Cornu by SieskjaSherlock by AgarthanGuideLokiD by x-Pleiades-xMike by ArtemisiaSynchromaRemembering Snow - now for sale by rieke-btree light by romonimo:thumb297294798:The Tree of Memory by szerglinkaLimit of a function by stoxicSpike - James Marsters by TheDoThatGirlI give a little to you by martinaceciliaLoki - Tesseract by KibbitzerJack and Rose by zgirl3210Rainbow Fetish or what by rekamerDaryl Dixon - The Walking Dead by BrilcristNowhere girl by kine80Yin and yang by DZIU09:thumb262088739:Spider Man Commission by skottieyoungThe King by AnnAshley24. No Time by bluerockblueAragorn Son of Arathorn by MeryHeartless:thumb316948369:Dollhouse by CD007Ramona Flowers by nyuhatterStray Pleasures by CarnegriffNo Matter What Happens by Sorael-IgnisDollhouse - Topher Brink by shrimp-popsEE by MelancholiahThor-Loki: Sometimes I think I'm adopted by KibbitzerLife Ruining British Actors by aerettbergI don't want to die by hatthecat123Plymouth Hemi Cuda '71 by SanderskTam Lin-Fairy Queen by hatthecat123The butterfly effect by JadeDragonne
Beautiful Writing Skills
:thumb304561945::thumb313082314::thumb314477795: MetallicarDean cast his piercing green eyes on the road ahead of him.  He had been driving for six hours strait, it was almost sunrise.  Sam, had fallen asleep two hours back, mouth open and breathing heavy.  Looking over, Dean gave a light chuckle at his brother and shook his head.  Turning back to the road, he gave a sigh.  The quiet time gave Dean lots of room to think.  Think about his life, his family, his experiences.  After an hour or two, he found himself thinking about one of his closest friends, the one that was always there for him, even when everyone else had left.  His car.  This car wasn't just any car.  It was a black '67 Chevy Impala.  His dad, John Winchester, had bought it right before he got married to his girlfriend, Mary.  After his wife died, he and his boys moved around a lot.  Sam and Dean grew up in the back seat of that car.  Even though it was their father's, they found ways to make it theirs.  :thumb309847117:
Fabulous Photos
Baletki by m-topolskamask. by zuko-love-123:thumb298658183::thumb312949150:tired of the things that break by burn-out-the-nighttime for love by OrwaldDrip drop wallpaper by speartimeGaia Project XI by dorukseymenAll the pretty horses by Obsessed-by:thumb312610356:On My Merry Way by Sh3ikha32: Rain in my head... by ilovestrawberriesOlya back by grimmy3dUndead Eyes by thelastseptembertake me there.. by wAlKiNGDisASteR-182Rainy Days by thelastseptember
Fantastic Manips
The Killers wallpaper by LucyWayneTom Hiddleston Wallpaper by criminal-whoMr. Gubler by LucyWayneThe Avengers poster by drMIERZWIAKAJ BUCKLEY ADAM NY by Anthony258:thumb317177380:
Gorgeous Crafty Stuff
The Killers Earring by ReddyBirdMadGirlSweeney Todd fimo by NobuHappySpooky.Starry Night Cake. by bababugStalking Kai - Bookmark by EmptyShadow
Hiddles by pinkwater1211:thumb229732838:Hey, I just Met You... by geothebioThe naughty badger :GIF: by LilyferTUMBLR'D by geothebioYou can be the dragon by SaisotoHey Shortround! by RobertMakesAdventures of Phil Coulson by JoJo-Seames.HawkEYE. by bababug.Punching Nazis!. by bababugpooh and eeyore by SairobiJoss Whedon is a JERK by CaddrisRumination by yuumeithe devil wears a cape by Sairobi

Sorry this took so long to compile, but as I said, my connection is gross, my mind has been in the gutter lately, and Tumblr has taken over my soul. Now all's I got to do is go around telling people their work of art has been featured.
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Thanks for all the features. I really appreciate it :aww:
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I've been featured? Yay! Thank you so much!
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